Due to the corona virus (covid-19), which occupies the agenda of the world and our country and is spreading rapidly in our country, we wanted to inform you about the stainless disinfection cabinets, where we undertake the R&D, production and marketing stages in order to create a safer social and working space. In this process, we designed a product that can be used for many years with the feature of forward-looking CE standards and medical product certification, with our Turkish team of engineers and designers, which does not accumulate and prevent the growth of bacteria. Our product, which visually appeals to every place and facility, is designed for use in social areas such as municipalities, public institutions and organizations, and schools, private hospitals, factories, cinemas, shopping malls and hotels. As we do not know how long the Covid-19 epidemic will last and any other epidemic disease will not occur in this process, the fact that your staff feel safer in the work areas affects their work performance positively. Our disinfection cabin will serve its users for a long time due to its structure. The disinfectant material filled in the chamber of our disinfection cabin does not leave any area where the disinfectant product does not come in contact with the 14 fogging nozzles, thanks to the automatic sensors. Thus, we minimize the transfer of the virus from one place to another by our citizens and staff. You can supply the solution disinfectant product to be put in from the companies you want. DISINFECTANTS WHICH ARE THE APPROVAL OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND THE DAMAGE TO THE EYE AND EYE SHOULD BE USED. Countries such as Singapore, South Korea, especially China have shown us how important it is to fight the virus with its streets, buildings, cars, clothes, people fogging and smoke disinfection. Please contact us for detailed information, with the wish that every measure our institutions and organizations will take care of the health of your guests and staff.   NOTE; There is no harm in terms of health if proper disinfectant is used.

  • The chassis is made of 304 quality stainless steel.
  • Has a bottom floor pool
  • Chassis isolations
  • 100 bar compressive hoses
    Maximum 70 br.
  • Motor pump
  • Working with 220 volt energy
  • Motor 1200w
  • 14 pieces of 0.2mm stainless nozzles
  • Lockable stainless 304 quality cabinet
  • 100 l. Max plastic tank
  • 2 motion sensors to be used for entry and exit
  • Adjustable spray time
  • Electronic control board